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My name is Sophia Laam. I am the founder, owner and lead wholesomeness coach at heartcafe.ie .

Wholesomeness refers to the state of being whole, with no parts missing or broken. It includes the health of both mind and body, the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing that radiates through all areas of life.

Providing wholesomeness coaching means, that I take a holistic view of my clients and their lives, the roles they play and wish to play, and help them progress on multiple areas parallel to each other. This way, by the end of our combined work, not only one segment, but life as a whole improves.

The core of my services roots in the observation based on over 800 coaching clients and their key dilemmas and challenges. A returning theme of those has been, that while dedicated moms add a tremendous contribution by raising balanced children, their efforts often seem to be invisible, taken for granted, strongly undervalued, even undermined by expectations, beliefs, opinions etc. that challenge leading a wholesome everyday life.

My mission is to support manager moms to become aware of their amazing value, talents and skillset; and building on these, bring all their life roles & responsibilities into balance, creating & maintaining a more rewarding, more accomplished life for themselves and their children.


The name, heartcafe.ie reflects the heart, source of our passion and the engine of our day to day thrive; and café, a place we go to for boosting our energy, and enjoy quality conversations in a relaxed atmosphere. I am based in Dublin, Ireland, but during the past decade provided online coaching services for clients in 34 countries, 4 continents.

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Individual coaching

In our tailor made coaching process we take a holistic view at all the roles you play in life, and bring them into balance...


Art therapy workshops

Creative self-discovery with the help of colors, shapes and symbols, that come from our core...


Coffee club @ Heartcafe

Weekly free flow group chat centred around a different theme each time, to share burdens & laughs of everyday life...


Style consultation

Individual consultation on how to make the mirror your friend, gain positive energy from your reflection...


What people say

S.I. Operations Manager, Novartis

Sophia provided coaching sessions to me to a great experience and full satisfaction. Compared to a coaching session I received 3-4 years ago from someone else, the sessions with Sophia were of a definitely higher and deeper dimension.

Sophia continuously proved her task and client oriented attitude. Being highly educated and multilingual, she was demonstrating an up-to-date, strong minded, dynamic personality, able to motivate me & my colleagues around, and to build teams within both office and remote environments. I enjoyed her classroom and web based trainings too.

Anna Kaposvári,
Central European University

I had the pleasure to work with Sophia at Central European University Business School. She is an enthusiastic professional, who develops tailor-made programs, to people’s exact needs. She does her job like an artist. She is a fantastic coach & consultant, and a nice, caring supportive person. She dealt with the diverse group of MBA students very well, engaged them and asked the right questions, which made them really think. If you need an encouraging person, who is a great motivator and can help developing others to reach their fullest potential, just work with Sophia together!

L. Fernández Gutiérrez, consultant/manager ICON Plc

During my period in ICON I received many different kind of trainings. Sophia's development approach to management skills were the most useful as they were the only ones focused in increasing self-awareness, looking for collaboration, shifting thinking and developing creativity. I recommend Sophia if you are interested into significantly increasing your skills as manager.

Coffee break

This section contains my blog posts about wholesomeness. Tips & hints, everyday practices, small changes with big benefits, behind-the-scenes glances, brief exercises, food-for-thoughts questions & reflections, own experience and suggestions of other pros - all under the umbrella of mental, emotional and physical balance & wellbeing, aka wholesomeness.

I have studied neuroscience based coaching. It contained insights and conclusions gained through studying the brain. How, for example, do brain cells form new connections and carve paths, when we process new information; how we learn a new action, which with practice we can turn into a routine; which areas of the brain we use when we form decisions, and which when we put our decisions into words; and how to use these findings when we want to shape our habits and behavior.

During the past decade I have worked with over 800 clients to do so; and the more time I spend with supporting these efforts, the more fascinated I am by the beauty of the human mind – how by shaping our mindset and forming new connections in our brain, we can build constructive habits, break through seemingly impossible obstacles, achieve amazing results, and truly become the best versions of ourselves.

My passion is to challenge existing thinking, habits and systems, in order to create better results, a higher level of quality and accomplishment. I challenge my clients with acknowledgement and appreciation though, since changing our way of thinking and daily routines is hard work after all. The beauty of these efforts is however, that it is entirely up to us. We may not have control over many things in life, but we are the only ones in control of shaping ourselves. Becoming aware of this I believe is very powerful and liberating, and all the work my coaching processes include, is built on the constructive energy of this power and liberation.

The goal of my blog is to inspire you to reflect, decide and act, so that with each post you get closer to wholesomeness.

Fill in your cup, lean back, and join me for a constructive coffee break!

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