Creative workshops


Are you overwhelmed with various tasks, responsibilities, expectations? Is it hard to hear your own thoughts in the constant noise around? Would you like to make changes to your life, but are not sure of where to start? Would you welcome more self-confidence? Is there a specific problem you would like to find a new approach to?


Our online, creative workshops address various challenges, and help you find your solution with the help of colors, shapes and symbols. This process does not require any artistic talent & experience, nor expensive tools & accessories. There is no assessment, and the focus is not on the tangible outcome (although in most cases attendees get positively surprised by their own products). We direct our attention to the experimental process itself, that reconnects us with our instincts, emotions, inner voice. Immersing into the creative flow brings insights to surface, that helps us address fear and other blocking emotions, and provide often unexpected answers to our questions. Contact for more information.

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