Individual coaching

  • Are you worried about how life will be with the "new normal", or what the "new normal" will look like?

  • Have you sometimes felt helpless, hanging in the air, without any certainty or sense of control?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by juggling various roles; trying to meet different, even contradicting expectations; making everybody calm and content around you?

  • Are you frustrated or exhausted giving your utmost, without anyone noticing, let alone appreciating your day to day efforts and achievements?

  • Does it seem like you are taken for granted or invisible, with less and less hope for any positive change?

  • Do you catch yourself feeling guilty for falling short on an obligation, expectation, or in a specific role?

  • Do you wish things were somehow different, even if you cannot put your finger on the what and how?


Our individual coaching process focuses on restoring wholesomeness: the health & balance of mind and body; the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. In our tailor made process we take a holistic view at all the roles moms and dads play and wish to play in life, and create order among them. We uncover the blind spots, that blocked progress so far, and generate constructive energy to turn the insights into actions. These sessions are not promoting one specific theory or approach, rather provide opportunities to understand your real life dilemmas, and make progressive changes, so that by the end of our coaching process not only one specific segment, but your whole life improves.

The intro call is 60 minutes, and is free of charge. It explains the process, clarifies coach-coachee responsibilities, helps to establish trust & build a framework set to the individual. Contact us to book a free intro call.

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