• Sophia Laam

3 quick tips for quality Me-time

Me-time seems to be such an incomprehensible idea, when drinking a coffee while it's hot, or sleeping through the night hasn't been an option for months (years?). You are happy to tick off essential tasks & fall into bed for a few hours, by the end of the day, before the next one would start.

Furthermore, there are so many, seemingly more important things to finish, one might feel guilty just by thinking of self. Another question might be, how to start incorporating quality me-time into a day, when taking hours off is not an option?

First of all, give yourself permission. Recharging your batteries from time to time to maintain your joy & balance definitely contributes to the wellbeing of your children. It is okay, in fact, it is essential to care yourself. Allow yourself to believe, that caring yourself makes you be a more wholesome parent, which will help your kiddos as well on the long run.

Second, incorporate one-two-three little things YOU enjoy into the day.

I, for example, love dancing. I do not have or cannot plan the time to join an online class regularly, but while the kids are busy on their own, I am making dinner, or often together with them, before they take their bath, I make sure that I dance through two songs every day. A song on my playlist is in average 4.5 minutes. Two of them gives me almost ten precious, happy, recharging minutes a day.

You miss creative work? Cook a new dish; put up different pictures to the walls; combine your wardrobe items in a different way (even if you stay at home, wearing colors & feeling stylish fills you with positive energy); progress on a bigger project by ten minutes per day. It may be different, than what you were used to or would like, but being creative also means, learning to achieve a result in various ways.

Ask your partner and older kids to hug you. To hold you in their arms. Twice a day, per person. According to studies, a 20 second hug can already beat burn out, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, improve your wellbeing in general.

Third, plan to be spontaneous. Baby fell asleep? Set your timer for 5 or 10 min, take a foam the smell of fills you with pampering & ENJOY a quick shower.  Kids are happy playing together? Eat a piece of fruit with real gusto. The sun is shining? Take baby in your arms or put them in the sling, stand on terrace/in backyard/at the open window, and just breathe.

All the to do-s will still be the same - you will feel different.

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