How to Change a Blocking Belief?

Updated: May 31, 2020

According to the Law of Belief, when you believe in something strong enough & for you it is true long enough, it becomes your reality. We grow up with lots of beliefs - some are based on direct experience, others are taught and expected. Often we run on auto-pilot, without stopping & checking, which belief, whose belief is triggering our specific actions. The good news is, that as autonomous adults, we can take a closer look & choose our own beliefs. Check out the below 4 step plan & start building more constructive beliefs.

Step 1. Check current result

"I believe it's impossible. I will never be able to do it." - how often do you catch yourself say it, no matter whether it relates to meeting a deadline, building a new habit, or whatever else you wish you'd do, make, be?

Let's see: maybe you are right, and that is truly impossible. What reaction does it trigger? An emotion, such as anger, exhaustion or shame? Or an action, such as stopping, leaving or blaming? What is the end result of these? Something you wish for? Something you are okay with? If not, maybe you want to map further options to chose from.

Step 2. Change the starting point

What if you adopt the Queen of Heart's quote and practice believing a couple of impossible things each morning? One may be, that although it seems impossible, you may still make it somehow, just this once. Or another: while it may be impossible to deliver 100% by deadline, 80% might still be possible. Or my favorite, for the darkest days, experimenting with the belief, that although you seem to be able to do nothing, maybe this one time, with a tad of effort, you may actually do the tiniest little something, aka more than complete nothing after all.

How do these sound? What taste do they leave in your mouth? How do these make you feel? What do these findings tell you, that may speak louder, than the voice of shame or guilt?

Step 3. List your learnings & achievements

Take a piece of paper and start listing all your successes, learnings and achievements. No answer is too trivial, no result is too small. For example, you learned to walk - thus you can get from A to B. You learned to talk - you can give voice to your wishes & preferences. You know how to write - you can make a list, create a plan, express your emotions. You eat everyday - you know at least one way of putting food on the table. You do this exercise - you are willing to learn turning blocking beliefs into more constructive ones, work on yourself, develop etc. Document what you are proud of with regards of yourself, what have you recently set your mind to and achieved, what you can truly compliment yourself for.

If you struggle, just contact me, I am here to help you pull an amazing list together, all about yourself.

What conclusions do you draw from your list? I assume, it reflects that you are a life long learner, you are willing to face reality, you are willing to make efforts for better results. Would you agree?

Step 4. Act

What is a seemingly tiny little first step you can take right now?

Do it. What is the next one, small it may be, that takes you closer to your wished result? Do that as well. How does it make you feel?

Unbelievable changes, mind-blowing results, breathtaking achievements have all started with that first tiny act. Why would your goal be different? Can you believe that?

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