• Sophia Laam

How to change your lifestyle? 5+1 steps to successfully stay on track

The first step to change your life style is to change your mindset. You need to decide, that you are going to do something specific very differently than you’d been doing it so far. It may start with believing that you are able to achieve your goals, or that you & your goals worth the effort. Let me assume, that you already do, or at least are ready to pretend to believe these.

The second step is being disciplined. We all know that, don't we, yet many new year resolutions fade away after the first enthusiastic January attempts, because of the always appearing challenges. How to overcome the barriers of life style change & keep progressing? Here are 5 +1 steps to support your goal achievement:

1. Set one goal at a time. If you look at all the changes you’d welcome in your life, which one would generate the most positive change; make you feel the best about yourself; give you the most important result?

2. Give it a time frame – depending on the content, set it for 3-6 months (some projects need much longer time, break them down into 3-6 month milestones then); it is long enough to need real effort, but short enough to endure the difficulties, bring you success, and give you the energy needed to continue towards the next milestone; or start working on a new goal.

3. Make a plan. Even in these uncertain times, when loads of external circumstances are out of our own control, we can still plan a week ahead. Whatever activity you want to focus on, set a time frame for that each day, and stick to it. Try to tick off planned actions first thing in the morning, or before noon – ensuring the same time each day, that helps building long term habits; eliminating threat & guilt as time passes; and giving you a success boost at the beginning of the day.

4. Invest money in it – money is a commitment. Unless you are a determination champion, who needs no extra boost of motivation; or you are in a financial situation, where money doesn’t matter to you; putting your own dime in will increase your commitment in times, when comfort and other excuses would tempt you to give up.

5. Get a partner – share your goal with a friend, who can keep you accountable for your progress; join a group of people working for the same goal; enter a challenge that keeps you on track etc.

+1 Last but not least, a teeny tiny self-observation exercise: how many times do you, busy mom, catch yourself thinking, that something is “your job”, your exclusive responsibility, you are the one who has to complete it, because a) you are the one, who knows it the best or b) what would other think, if you let it out of your hands?

What if – consider it a self-care exercise – you gave yourself permission to delegate some of these tasks to other family members? Even if they dress toddler in colour combinations you would never choose (but the kiddo is warm & happy); prepare breakfast food for dinner (mine btw love that); or approach a task quite differently, than you usually do, but still with a good enough end result… why would you not let it happen, especially considering the gained extra time, you can spend with progressing towards the goal, that will make a quality change in your life?

Which of these did you find the most helpful? Leave a comment.

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