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How to keep a positive outlook on life?

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

A yellow rose symbolizes joy, care & friendship. Yellow is the color of optimism, happiness and sunshine. It also reflects courage, self-confidence and fulfillment. Having a patch of yellow in our direct environment contributes to focus & concentration, and stands for clarity and wisdom. Therefore our

  • No.1. tip for keeping a positive outlook is to make sure, you have something sunny yellow to look at, when you make plans.

  • The No.2. suggestion is to increase the level of positive messages you receive within a day. Jotting positive messages on (yellow) post it notes and sticking them to the wall, door, cupboard etc.; programming encouragements into your phone to pop up every few hours; being mindful about how often, how long and what type of news & media you let into your mind; or how positive & confident are the people you surround yourself with, are all easily applicable and beneficial ways to do so.

  • No.3. Increase your self-confidence. Learning to trust your own experience, abilities, inner compass helps you manage whatever life is throwing at you with more serenity & balance; which increases trust in your experience & skills to manage. Keep an eye on my blog, more on how to increase confidence soon!

  • No.4. Take action. The best way to prove yourself, that you can progress, is to take action. You may not complete the task at once, or it may not lead to a perfect outcome, but you are learning on the go, which helps you take a better next step, and both starting something and progressing sends positive messages to your brain.

  • No.5. Build constructive habits. Start your mornings with power, give yourself a midday energy boost, close the day with gratitude - just to name a few.

Which one of these resonates the most with you? Pick one and start practicing it daily.

Would you like some help? Contact me via email or send DM via IG to map out options.

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