• Sophia Laam

The value of self-reflection

First of all, what is self-reflection? It is a process, that helps you focus on yourself: your decision making, set of actions, behavioral patterns, habits etc., through turning your attention to what is going on in your life, in your day, in a particular situation you have been involved in.

Is it complicated? As with any new action, you need a minimum of three weeks of daily practice to turn it into a habit. Fifteen minutes a day are enough to start seeing positive results by the 20th-21st day.

What are these positive results? Below we listed five.

1. Self-reflection makes you see clearer. Whirling in midst of all daily tasks & responsibilities may cloud your judgement & emotions, but self-reflection takes you out of the middle, and helps you look at yourself from a more objective distance.

2. It helps you detect patterns, traces, routines underneath your actions. You can accept, even change your choices, habits and attitudes, when you have a clearer understanding of your mechanisms.

3. The third benefit of self-reflection is the development of critical thinking. Reflecting on your own thoughts and routines can bring lots of blocking beliefs to the surface. You then have the possibility to dare your blocking beliefs, and see whether they are resting on facts, or some of them may actually not be true at all?

4. Self-reflection enhances problem solving skills. Taking just ten minutes of time out of the daily whirlpool, helps you recognize creative solutions, that have been hiding inside you all along.

5. It supports the acknowledgement & measure of change. Self-reflection helps to see the start of awareness, where you came from; your management approach at that time and its development over the weeks; as well as the positive changes of your health & wellbeing.

Would you like some guidance on how to start practicing self-awareness? Contact to receive a quick & practical guide; and stay tuned for further blog posts on the subject.

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