Wholesomeness for Moms & Dads. Why?

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

My mission is to help, create and advocate wholesomeness for moms & dads.

To support you identify what wholesomeness means to you. To build a set of everyday routines, that feed wholesomeness under ever changing circumstances. To define who you want to be, build courage, and go be that person, no matter what. To help your kids learn by example, approaches & skills that promote wholesomeness.

I have spent the past 10+ years coaching business managers, whose primary focus was on career progression + work-related challenges and achievements. I noticed however, that right after professional needs and ambitions, maintaining constructive family relationships & spending quality time with family members came in as a strong second. Many of these managers actually found their lost commitment for their job by reconnecting professional performance with showing a good example for, or rebuilding a good relationship with their children.

Just a week prior COVID changed everyday operations, I attended a local business stimulating event, organized for those who planned to get back to work after a longer career break. I got truly shocked, how many moms & dads expressed frustration with corporate hiring processes, and shared interview experiences where they felt undervalued, discouraged, even ridiculed for their time out of office, spent with family care. Meanwhile many of my clients at full time work also felt, that all their efforts to spend quality time with family and/or be available for family in need was often ignored, considered worthless or as lack of work commitment.

⁠Being a mom or dad does not mean, you cannot have career ambitions or quality time for yourself. Neither does it mean, that you have to let others have a say in when to get your kids; how many of them, or in what family structure you should have them. There are many different ways today to build a healthy family. We all know that. Yet it is so hard to remember it and keep our peace and build a wholesome life, when everyone has an opinion, advice, even judgement to offer on how to do it better.

Being a wholesome mom or dad means that you create order among all your life roles, learn to live guilt-free, and build a family that promotes mental, emotional & physical wellbeing for everyone in it, independently of how many and who they are.

Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, think about the past few months: have you received any recognition, let alone reward for keeping your family above water; while the pressure, daily responsibilities, worries and expectations have grown, and certainty, control, autonomy have dropped?

Your daily routine has changed from one day to another, and now it is about to change again - whether to the same as it was, something completely different, or whatever in between, we'll see. You are supposed to show a wholesome example to your kids in facing fear, meeting expectations, solving problems, adapting to changing circumstances - while all of these are challenging your own wholesomeness in unexpected ways every day. How does it make you feel?

As additional support, I want to build an enthusiastic community of moms & dads, who feel valued, appreciated & in peace with themselves; showing positive examples for their kids on how to become joyful, balanced, responsible adults. ⁠

Contact for a free consultation, to map your current situation and how I can best support you to positively change it.

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