• Sophia Laam

Work from Home habits, that increase positive outlook on life

Whether you are a a wfh parent due to covid lockdown; it is your choice to build a business, while on parental leave, or you want to be a stay at home parent with a side biz... this year for sure has been challenging. In this last week of "Optimistic October", let's have a quick recap on some constructive habits around a wholesome WFH life, you can start implementing now.

1. Build an open & close ritual⁠

Similarly to a shop owner, who puts the open/closed sign to the door, to indicate business hours, you can have your own little ritual to mark the frames of the workday. ⁠Working from home does not equal 24/7 active presence & availability. Having a clear start/end signal (changing shirt or hairstyle, calendar on/off the wall etc.) helps to sharpen your focus at the beginning and switch off at the end.⁠

2. Start a day with success⁠

  • Make your bed. Tidy your desk. Even a tiny act of creating order boosts your focus.⁠

  • Get up half an hour earlier and read three pages of a good book, tick off a 15 min exercise or just enjoy a cup in peace. Even if / especially when you are not a morning person, make the effort to & enjoy the difference of recharge.⁠

  • Play/read/sit down to breakfast with the kids for 15min. before they leave the house. Start a day in a good mood, it pays off.⁠

⁠3. Dare ⁠

Everything is changing, including childcare availability, rhythm of the day, opening hours, customer service etc. Suggest changes, agree on a new, more suitable work schedule with manager/team & keep yourself to that. ⁠In this time of shared need, you might get support from the most unexpected sources, when you pull your courage together and speak up.

4. Reach out for extra support⁠

When you want to build new muscles, you go to a fitness trainer with a set of exercises.⁠

When you want to build a new house, you go to a builder with a blueprint.⁠

When you want to build new habits - have you thought of going to a coach for structure & support?⁠

Contact me for a free of charge call, to map your possibilities.

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